Bloomville United Church of Christ

WeWe We are a small town church striving for big time commitment to God!


The BUCC has been around since 1850.  With faith as our grounding force, we are very involved in the local community, service projects, youth programs and reaching out to those in need.

Currently led by Pastor Tom Kagy, our small congregation is very passionate.


Each year, we  work hard to put on the Strawberry Festival to raise funds for the church. In recent years, we have added the Berry Run to the festivities of the day.


The Cause


This year, the Berry Run will support the BUCC and the community needs that it supports. 

Our church provides for the people of Bloomville and the surrounding area in numerous ways. For example, our church houses a non-food bank once a month that provides those in need with household supplies.   

Due to COVID-19, our event is posponed until further notice.